In March 2014, fifteen CRPF seccurity personnel lost their lives in Chhatisgarh’s Sukma district at the hands of Naxalites. A landmine blast triggered by them in May this year became the cause of the deaths of seven policemen in Gadchiroli. The same very year they blew up a railway track in Bokaro. These are the every day incidents taking place in India where few security personnel or innocent lives become the target of naxalites and still many more to come.

Naxalism originally started from a village called Naxalbari with a good cause of revolting gainst oppresive feudal lords under the leadership of Charu Majumdar but slowly it started drifting from its aim. Now it has become a problem which has acquired deep routes in the country.


Today naxalism is spread in 20 states of the country. The former PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh in his speech once said “Naxalism is the biggest threat to Indian Security.” Undoubtebly it is because the very own people of the country are risking the lives of people. External forces can be fought but if the country’s public goes against the government, then this poses a big problem as weapons cannot be used against them which violates the human rights schedule which happened when government tried to fund and train Salwa Judum so as to curb maoists.

There are many reasons which are giving a rise to naxalism including the naxalites being funded by China mainly because of two reasons; firstly the neighbouring country has a history of communist ideology and even today off papers it is a communist country and secondly China very well knows that India is the fastest growing economy in the world after it and so to curb this growth it deliberately wants to create internal problems within the country so that India cannot focus on its growth perspective.


Most of the people term naxalites as terrorists who only want their wishes to be fulfilled and do not care about the rest. But the question that comes to the mind is that did the upper middle class and higher caste ever think of them when they were being oppressed and were not receiving their due rights? Even after their first protests that had to struggle a lot for justice. But though all this is true, the real picture is that over the time they have drifted from their goal. Now their does not exist one single group but many groups of maoists and they all have a separate leader. They no longer follow the ideology of Lenin,Marx or Mao Zedong instead they are left with sole aim of looting and killing innocents so as to force government to agree to their demands.

On the other hand, even political parties do not take the matter seriously. Whichever government comes, they do not make an effort to hold talks with them and listen to their grievances and demands. All they try doing is enforcing either a force-centric or a development-oriented approach which fails. There have been many incidents of naxals blowing up development projects yet the government does not try any other method. Using force will only lead to voilence and massacre with no fruitful results.

To ensure that this “biggest threat to the nation” one day gets eradicated from the country it is important that the government honestly initiates to hold talks with the leader of naxal groups and does not repeat the history which they did with Kishenji. Moreover, even the Maoists have to be ensured that they won’t be back-stabbed again so that they can trust the government. Obviously this will be the initial step and later the government needs to diplomatically tackle with their demands so that their just demands should be fulfilled and the unjust ones should be refused in a way which does not hurt their sentiments and turn them back to violence. When police force has failed to bring about a stability in the region, it is time to use the diplomatic peaceful way. After all, it is rightly said and been proved in the past that the problems which do not get tackle with the use of force and violence, love and peace talks easily solve them. It’s time to give it a try.


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