Professor Thalapil Pradeep and his team of Innonano Company of DST Unit of Nanoscience and Thematic Unit of Excellence of Department of Chemistry in IIT Madras have come with a new researched water filter in his nano particle water filter series.

This water purifier is designed to filter Arsenic from water which if not purified can cause several diseases ranging from skin diseases to cancer. It is economical and environment friendly which gives arsenic free water at five paise per litre for any home.

T.Pradeep started his work on nano particle in 2002 based on gold and silver that could filter pesticides found in water. In 2004, he took this to Eureka forbes which commercially launched Aqua Guard Gold Nova using his invention. It was the first technology to get commercialised. In 2007, pradeep along with an IIT Madras alumnus, Anshup co founded Inno Nano research under eureka forbes. The company is housed in the institute campus and has started commercial activity.

The West Bengal state has committed to setting up 2000 of the arsenic filtering units.Once ready it can manufacture as much as 200kgs of nano material/day. Exciting aspect of this technology is the creation of advanced materials by simple and environment-friendly methods.


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