Life is like a game of chess where we make a move and another move is made by God.Our moves are called plans and God’s

moves are called challenges.In life it is not always possible to get what we want.In some cases we never get our desires

fulfilled but at least we have the hope-in some corner of our heart-which encourages us to move further in life.Once we have

lost hope,it becomes very difficult to live.Life is a train of joys and sorrows in which each compartment is a

mixture.Interestingly life is like an ice cream,if not tasted it melts away.So we should learn to taste an enjoy the different

flavours of life.After all,all these experiences complete a life.We cannot live our entire life with a single flavour.We get

bored.Similarly,if our life consists of only sweetness,we will not be able to appreciate it till we haven’t tasted

bitterness.Monotony makes life dull that is why having ups and downs is important.Life is best for those who enjoy it,difficult

for those who analyse it and worst for those who criticize it.Life is so ironic to understand fully,it takes sadness to know what

happiness is,noise to distinguish silence and a broken love to find true love.


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