The sun is behind the hills

The stars appear in the sky

And the Night begins.

Man sleeps

But the trees awake

And the jungle

comes to life.

The world each night

Is swept clean by the night

Yet is dirty by dawn.

The stars like diamond

Appear to soothe the soul

Seem so near! So dear!

The brightness of the day

Subsides into the night

Bringing an end to our plight.

What could compare

To the soothing night

After a day of despair?

Troubled by a world full of screams

By the night we escape

To the land of our dreams.

No matter how hard we fall

The night is there to caress us all

To strenghten us again,to tread and fare.

Night is a time of peace

Calm and serenity rule

Our troubles forgotten,past sorrow

We dream of a better tomorrow.


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