Memories of a Lost friend

You wanted to touch my feelings deep

You wanted to sit by me and weep

You wanted to share my joys and fears

You wanted to be my friend for years

You wanted,wanted……..just wanted.

I sit and think of you today

I remember the thoughts we shared each day

I remember the time we were sad and joy

I also wonder why you went away

I think,think……..just think.

You promised me that we’d never part

You said you had me close to heart

You said you’d always be with me

Through the ups and downs of life’s mysteries

You said,said……..just said.

Now whenever I close my eyes

I see us parting,saying our byes

I see you sitting in your car

I see you going very far

I see,see……..just see.

We dreamt of always being together

We dreamt of our friendship lasting forever

We dreamt of sunny lively days

We dreamt of life our beautiful ways

We dreamt,dreamt……..just dreamt.

Before us we had two different roads

The circumstances made us part and go

A different way with different goals

We lost each other.Isn’t it so?

Now almost everything has changed

Your heart and mind are not the same

Your feelings and emotions have changed

Yet in my heart our memories remain…………..

Memories remain………………

Ony,memories remain………..!!!


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