Biased Traditions

Culture and Traditions of a country are an integral part of its existence. They give the land its own charm and flavor of nativity.

But what if these traditions tend to be so biased they they start suffocating a suppressed group? The traditions we follow in any country are the long existing customs who may be our forefathers might have formed and in the era of extremely male dominated society, it’s but natural that even these traditions made were biased towards the women. And till 21st century women blindly follow these biased traditions without asking a question to it.

Not going far away, if we see in our own country, India, which is said to be ‘the land of festivals’, most of the festivals, traditions and culture are biased towards women and they are expected to rejoice themselves in these festivals no matter how partiality they suffer from them. There are many festivals in India like Karva Chauth, Teej, Ahohi Ashtmi, etc. which include the fasting by women only. Karva Chauth in India is celebrated to wish for husband’s welfare and his long age and women fast whole day long till the moon is not seen. In some cases they don’t even drink the water. Teej is also celebrated by the married women for the welfare of their partner. Ahohi Ashtmi is one festival in which the fast is observed for the welfare of the children.

In all these festivals, one thing is common that the women have to observe fast for the welfare of her family. But what about the women?
Do her husband or children observe fast for her welfare? There’s no such festival made in which her better half goes on fasting for her long age or her offsprings fast for her better life. Why always it is the women who has to remain hungry all day long to pray for the better future of her family? No one knows the answer, because no one dared asked anyone?
Today if someone asks, then they are told that it is the culture and traditions of their land and we should be proud of it. There’s nothing to suffer in it. Since childhood girl’s brain is instigated with the very thought that it is the duty of the women to think for the welfare of her family, so they don’t think its vice versa. If the women can fasts for her better half, then why not men? After all, she is his better half who supports him in his tough times and when a mother can observe fast for her children then why not her offsprings? The mother has given a lot to them, she bears the pain of delivering them and then her sleepless nights are all for her children. No matter how far the person is, when he/she is in distress, the first person they remember is their mother. The mother suffers everything but will never let her kids suffer. For such a humble creation, why can’t her children observe fast for her welfare?

Today many men have started observing fast for their better half. The people are trying to change but some narrow minded people trapped in the old thoughts tend to criticize this practice. The men who observe the fast of ‘karva chauth’ are termed as ‘joru ka gulam’ which means ‘the slave of wife’. How weird the situation is. If a women performs the same rights, they are known as her duty but if a male tends to bring some reform in the traditions, it is not accepted by the society. Hindu religion is the oldest religion of all and is considered to be the most scientific one but it carries many flaws with it in the form of traditions which act as a curse on female gender which no scientific theory can support.

It’s not that a particular religion is bad and other one is good. More or less all the religions have a biased view towards women. It’s the same in Muslims as well. The Muslim women are not allowed to go in the mosque. But why? The scholars say they have to follow the rules because it is written in the holy book ‘Quran’. But the fact remains that these holy books have been interpreted by people who resided in an anti feminist environment and such was their thinking. If anyone goes and reads the original Quran, they will find that many things have been wrongly interpreted and told to the innocent common man who at that time didn’t know to read Arabic in which the original text is scripted. And later on the same became a following without anyone researching it or asking a question. Women is a humble creation of God and it is as much sacred as a men and so has the equal right to perform the same duties as of men.


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