Aruna Shanbaug, a name which triggered euthanasia debate all over India, atlast got rid of her painful life dying a natural death today. The women who suffered for 42 years in a vegetative state will surely find peace after her death.
Remembering the misery and pain seen in videos and photos brings about a chill in the bone of anyone who has come across her or the contents of her life. At an age when the young nurse had dreams and aspirations for a bright future, she became the victim of an inhuman, savage and brutal act of a ward boy who had to teach her a lesson as his ego was hurt on getting rebuked by  the nurse for his negligence in his work. That rape coasted more than her life. If she would have been dead, she would have been released of all the misery she suffered for the last four decades, but her destiny has something else in store for her.

The partially brain dead nurse laid on the hospital bed with curved hands and legs. She kept laughing and crying manically and sometimes used to scream as long as two hours. Her pain cannot be imagined when her nails used to grow inside her curved hands and when the other nurses used to try to open them to cut her nails, they feared for the fracture of her hands. Her pain is immeasurable when she could feel every pain and feeling in her body but could not speak out, could not help herself. Her monthly periods would become worse and painful. The intensity of her pain made her scream to the level of disturbing other patients, but she couldn’t help it.

Such a miserable condition surely needs for euthanasia. But what our Supreme Court had in its mind, no one knows. If a case like Aruna Shanbaug isn’t granted Euthanasia, then who else deserves it? Euthanasia is a highly debatable, but the truth is that it is important. It is said that we don’t have the right to take anyone’s life. But for the sake of humanity, we surely have the right to release a painful soul from their misery.
Aruna Shanbaug’s death may not have made many people sad because today is a happy day. A bird with broken wings got finally released from  her prison.


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