In today’s showy world, where everyone respects successful people and worship the rich, it has become extremely important for human beings to attain that height so that they can make a place for themselves among their peers and society as a large. In the race to success, at times people ignore the more important things of their life which they take for granted.

Mostly this Obsession with success is found among the youth who are ready to sacrifice anything to attain that height from where everything seems small. Though there is no denying the fact that this obsessed nature with success results in more hard work and dedication towards their dream and passion, but sometimes it also leads to people choosing wrong paths to achieve their goal.
In fashion and film world, there are innumerable examples where people generally get lost in the brightness of the dark world. Out of those thousands obsessed people, only a handful get their first break and less than them, become a star. We know the stories of successful people today, but many who had the same passion towards their talent and goal, their voices get dumped in the crowd of limelight.

This condition is not only of these sparkling worlds, but the case lies in all sectors. Weather one is an engineer or a designer, an actor or a doctor, obsession to be successful is important everywhere; but if this obsession leads to wrong paths, it becomes dangerous. There is a thin line between positive and negative obsession which can be crossed easily, if one is not careful. Many incidents of crossing this line and creating a hell of their lives can be seen on tv shows that portray these stories like the channel V show Gumrah.

If we believe, that we get life only once, we need to live it happily with people and things that matter to us. Success is important and so is money and respect. But money and success which destroys an individual’s life is of no use. It’s but necessary to choose priorities carefully and take a positive direction towards their passion.


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