Fashion Trends for Brides-To-Be

It’s that time of the season when most of the families are celebrating the wedding of some of the other relative in India.

Though the wedding preparation brings more of responsibility and tension for the big day for everyone in the family, but it becomes all the more important for the bride to look her best and with a wide variety of options in market, it becomes confusing to select the best and correct one.


The wedding day and functions before that mostly include shades of red, pink and orange. So, this wedding season why not try something different, in shades of  royal blue, off-white, peach or yellow. With mix and match of these unique colours, the bride will definitely stand out.

Beautiful-backless-saree-blouseSizzling deep back cuts are common. So, if you want to flaunt that sexy back, make sure to set your own statement by selecting something unique and not picking up the conventional piece.


No matter  whichever colour palette is trending, the season of Black and White can never fade off. Surely many girls won’t be carrying them on their D-day as they are traditionally considered inauspicious but they can be included in other functions of the wedding or in dinner parties after the wedding. And for people who have a taste of black and white and cannot control being in them on their special day, the colours will surely give a classy and stand out look.


Winter has arrived in much of northern India and with all the style and fashion, it’s the women who have to suffer the brunt of cold, especially the bride as she has to look picture perfect and cannot carry a chic jacket with her traditional attire. But who said chic jackets only go with western wear? This season opt for traditional jackets which will not only protect you from chilling winters when you are posing for perfect pictures but will also add a unique  style statement.


The to be bride also needs to be decked up perfectly for her cocktail or sangeet party and Fusion Gowns can become the perfect attire for the occasion. But it’s important that the designs on gowns should be selected appropriately which enhances the elegance of the bride.


If you want to carry the elegance and grace together with a hint of boldness, off shoulder dresses will be a sure shot hit. While tube dresses can be considered for Indian wedding, off shoulder dresses can maintain the balance.


Talking of boldness, if you have in you to carry the boldness of gold ornaments with make up and costume, go for it as you will stand out in the crowd all sparkled up like a glowing light on your special day.


And finally if after going through all the options, you want to carry the traditional red, make sure to chose the right shade with correct combination. Make sure the outfit shouldn’t be carrying all red from top to bottom making you literally look a rose because human rose doesn’t look charming.

Indian weddings are a grand affair and compromising on look isn’t considered to be fair.

So, with all the latest options and your unique style make your D-day a grand and memorable one.


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