So, now-a-days the debate of nationalism is a hot topic of every drawing room since the students of premier Jawaharlal Nehru University have been charged with sedition for raising anti-national slogans at an event commemorating the third anniversary of Afzal Guru.

Since all political parties took the opportunity to attract sentiments of crowd and students towards themselves, BJP with its nationalistic attitude targeted the masses with pro-nationalistic attitude.

During this time, majority of Indian facebook users profile was filled with either anti-JNU or pro-JNU posts. Even on my timeline, more than half of the posts are related to the burning topic.

And while arguing on a social platform, people have actually lost their decency of arguing or putting their point forth.

There have been all sorts of comments on pro-JNU posts of so-called nationalistic people to go to Pakistan if they do not support India. It’s a matter of utter surprise that from where suddenly people have woke up to support their India?

Their nationalism is not often seen when on the next day of Republic or Independence Day, they walk on the hundreds of scattered small flags lying on the road and more conveniently they give the plea that they cannot escape so many flags from below their feet.

But, doesn’t your patriotism towards India get offended when some people try to put India on shame on world map?

Aren’t boys who roam about raping innocent girls and at times the same gender supposed to be anti-national for they are shaming the country? Aren’t their deeds disrespecting the country?

But our sentiments only rise when a group of vocal students try to say something in the name of Afzal Guru. The same Afzal Guru who was given the death sentence ‘to satisfy the collective Indian conscience, the same Afzal Guru whose crimes were not even proved.

So, if a handful of people in any part of the country do support Guru, that doesn’t prove to be anti-national.

The Indian court did not do any laudable work in hanging a convic t whose crimes were not proved, what if he wasn’t a terrorist at all?
Do all the nationalist in the country know if he was one or was framed?

And people who are supporting political parties for terming a group of vocal students as anti-national should respond if they can name a single politician from any political party’s top leadership who has sent his or her kids to Siachen, defense, Army or Para Military?

In 1984 when Modi was not the PM of India, the country launched Operation Meghdoot, a military operation that gave India control over all of the Siachen Glacier. Dear, so called nationalists, India had freedom of speech before it made to Siachen and it’ll have it. Meanwhile, What India hadn’t is the two window pseudo-nationalism, where in the 1st window you see martyr Hanumanthappa and in the other you see a JNU student.

Remember, during the UPA1 and UPA2 when a soldier died, we branded Manmohan Singh a weak PM. Now when a slodier dies, the responsibility is politically smeared on some students.

If Rajiv Gandhi had Bofors, BJP has Coffin Scam in its account.

Nationalism isn’t a thing to be portrayed. Dear nationalists, do not shout that the country has been tolerant and democratic because a true democracy needs to be tolerant.

Nationalism isn’t a thing to be displayed in front of politicians or masses. If someone hates the country for its negative aspects,the respect cannot be forced in that person. It is not important that every Indian who does not stand for the national anthem lacks patriotism.

Critics make a work better, a place better and a country better so find yourself fortunate enough to get so good critics.


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