5 Make Up Tips for a Morning Wedding


Though mostly weddings are an evening and night occasion but the morning weddings are more cool and relaxing. Weddings in the Christian community are generally taken place during the morning hours.

The wedding day is the biggest for every woman out there which is why she wants to look her best on the D-day.

Apart from having a good eight hours of sound sleep, the bride to be needs to follow these 5 make up tips to keep herself glowing like a fairy on big day in the morning wedding.

  1. Choose the correct Primer

Using a good face primer is very important if you want the foundation to last all day long.

Apply it after cleaning and moisturizing the skin. If you have acne prone skin, use an oil-free moisturizer to prevent excess oil and spoiling the makeup.

The primer will also reduce the appearance of pores or fine lines, leaving a smooth and perfect surface that will remain shine-free throughout the ceremony. Huge varieties of primers for all skin types are available in the market. The primers are available for sensitive, oily, acne prone, dry skin, including tinted ones which can colour undertones or redness.

2. Foundation with medium coveragecosmetics-1144464_1920

For a morning wedding it’s important to use a foundation with medium coverage which will give a smooth and natural finish.

Make sure to choose the foundation which matches your skin tone. To check it, you can look for its shade in both natural light as well as artificial light.

Apply the foundation with a professional brush and blend the product from the jaw line downward to your neck to make sure there are no visible dividing marks.

Apply under eye concealer to brighten the eye area and hide any fine lines. This shade should be lighter than the foundation.

  1. Highlighters-to show off the chiseled features

Highlighters play an important role to help in standing out certain facial features.

The high points of your face – cheekbones, the temples, the brow bones, the Cupid’s bow, the bridge of the nose, the apples of your cheeks and the jaw bone should be emphasized. This makeup product would not only sculpt your face but also give a natural glow to the skin.

Put some compact or loose powder later with the brush matching the skin tone so that the makeup lasts all day and foundation and concealer stays intact. Avoid using too much of powder otherwise it can make you look cakey.

  1. Blushing bride-For the picture perfect lookblush-1063136_1920

Weddings are also about great photographs which one cherishes for rest of their lives and no one wants to look washed out at the most important event of their lives so it’s recommended the bride should use natural-looking blush colour as a base to the apple of the cheeks and then sweep a stronger colour in the center to bring out the colour and give that warm glow.

Blush can always be used a little extra for weddings as the photography will take out some of the colour.

  1. Let the eyes and lips do the talkingeyes-1256698_1920

They say one’s eyes speak a million words. Eye make is a girl’s best friend which always defines her heart and she cannot go wrong with it.

Get your eyebrows plucked at least 6 days before the big day because if it is done on the same day the chances of bruises can ruin the look.

For the wedding, the base of eye makeup should always be started using an eye primer over the entire lid to prevent creasing. It will also prevent eye shadow from fading off. The eye makeup will differ according to the wedding look but in all the looks it is important to use all waterproof products to avoid being smudged off.

Lips are equally important which give the perfect finish to any makeup look. Choose a long wearing lipstick whether it is in classic red shade or more natural one. But make sure the lip-liner is similar to the colour of your lipstick to fill in the lips and later prevent it from bleeding. Pick a color that’s at least a shade deeper than your lip tone.

When applying your lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue after one application and then reapply to guarantee a more lasting effect. However, it is advised to keep the product handy in you clutch to give the touch up throughout day as it can lose its shine while drinking and eating.

Morning weddings are always a better choice but the makeup chosen cannot be overdone according to the timing so it’s advised to keep it subtle though looking picture perfect at the same time. Moreover, the ceremonies followed by the ritual need the same attention so always keep a lipstick, pressed powder and mattifying tissues in your clutch to control excess shine.

With these top rules, you are set to rock your morning wedding in a pretty diva style.


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