7 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Should Never Make!

When a wedding is fixed, the family including the bride and the groom get busy with the preparations so much so that they are bound to make some mistakes during the hustle-bustle of all the preps for the big day. We bring to you 7 such wedding planning mistakes you should always avoid:


  1. Who’s coming?

While the families, the bride and groom are all excited about the wedding and start saving the dates, booking the reception hall, choosing flowers, there remains the single most important thing which can be missed out at times. Who is invited to watch your grand affair and give you blessings for your future?

Before you get your hands on anything, it is important to make a guest list firstly. It purely depends on the two families and the people who are going to tie the knot if they want to have only close friends and family only affair or do they plan to invite some 300-plus people.


  1. Set you budget

It’s important to set your budget straight before making any purchases and booking halls to avoid any loans after the wedding. No one wants to cut on their guest list or cancel the honeymoon to fulfill the financial requirements of the wedding. The guest list, budget and venue should be tackled carefully to avoid any problem. The budget set defines your options and drives your decisions. While including all the big expenses, don’t forget to include charges for overtime, gratuities and car services from the start.


  1. Venue

Unless it’s going to be at your or your parents’ home, booking a venue is one of the top most priorities when planning a wedding, since most places fill up fast. A fair idea of your guest list can help you in booking the right place.

  1. Post the invitations

Make sure your guests receive their invitations in a timely manner. Even your closed ones should receive the invitation in the most courteous way possible. In the world of tech and apps, no doubt people will prefer inviting there. But hard copy of wedding invitations has an altogether different feel. If you can manage it, do send the invitees in person or through post. And don’t forget to invite later over the phone, not only to make sure if they have received the invitation but also to make them feel extra special.


  1. Plan your fashion budget

Maybe you have Rupees 1 lakh set aside for your look but that doesn’t mean you can buy a wedding dress of that much. The tax, shipping charges, alterations too should be added in your budget. Consider your undergarments, shoes, hair accessories and jewelry too which is an integral part of you look.


  1. Don’t skip the Videographer

Though now-a-days, everyone is photographer and videographer with the handy devices in pocket but a professional person is the one who knows the skills to relive the moment years after you have married. Videos let you hear your voice tremble as you say your vows and watch your friends tear up the dance floor. You’ll see things you may have missed on the day.


  1. Don’t drag your fiancée over the wedding excitement

No doubt the wedding is a grand affair but talking about each and every preparation detail over months together can be a boring affair for your fiancée. It’s not that he/she is not excited about it but you need to spend one night a week over dinner where you talk about the weather, your friends, the dog or whatever you want just to make your fiancée feel that you are the same old person they fell in love with and not some automated wedding machine. You’ll appreciate the breather yourself. And who knows? Your fiancé just might surprise you with a great idea for your cocktail hour or the perfect solution to a guest-list dilemma.


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