A leap into nature

Last week I went to Kullu-Manali and Rohtang Pass to celebrate my 25 years of existence on earth with my parents where I also performed my first adventure sport. Well, first because I don’t count trekking in adventure sport.

As we went off season, there were very few activities open in the valley. Even the snow at Rohtang had faded and all we could see were bare hills but still my trip was made memorable because I flew in the air for the first time.

Obviously, I have taken flights before but this flying was something different where I could directly feel the fresh breath of nature.



As soon as our cab went down the paragliding spot, the smile on my face widened hundred times, the smile which showed the inner joy and excitement transparently and then after waiting for some moments, I sat in a jeep with the crew and my mom. She feared seeing the heights and I was more than happy.

After all the arrangements were made and all the security was tightened around me, it was time or some shots and in some other minutes I leapt off from 4,000 feet above the sea level. What a joy it was! I was flying like a bird in the cradle of nature. I always loved heights and wanted to be at the top but for the first time, I experienced it. My guide kept asking me if I was scared. But I was enjoying the fullest. Not an iota of a negative thought crossed my mind and why would it be? One gets rarely that moment of peace and joy and that too when someone isn’t able to travel too frequently.


I thought why anyone would fear heights. For me, it is the most beautiful thing. No one knows what happens the next moment, so it’s much better to enjoy the thrills, the sport, and the adventure presently.


Paragliding might not be a big deal for many but for me, who has always been an adventure lover, it was the first adventure sport and I didn’t regret taking that leap. I wish to take many such and other leaps from more heights to great depths.


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