Do anti-dandruff shampoos really work?

As soon as a new anti-dandruff shampoo is launched in the market people with dandruff problem rush to the stores to try the product in hope of achieving the desired result they could not get from their past products.

Dandruff is a huge problem which mostly occurs at a definite period of age, to some it may occur during teenage while others would deal with it during middle age, but it can also be possible that the problem persists a lifetime. Moreover, there are various reasons for having it like having an oily skin which could react strongly to hair products or excessive use of hair sprays, gels or dyes. Lack of nutritious diet can be another reason for this problem.

Dandruff not only creates a problem with an itchy scalp, but it embarrasses a sufferer a lot with white flakes shading off. People with huge dandruff problem avoid wearing dark shades, so as to avoid being looked down upon. The social impact is that in school the child with dandruff is not liked to be interacted with and adults too, face isolation as people remain at a distance from the person infected. Though the problem is not as big as it seems to be but social behavior towards it leaves a person aloof.

This is the insecurity, which products like anti-dandruff shampoos thrive upon. In a bid to escape further embarrassment, people grab upon every anti-dandruff product that is launched in the market. The products attract people from all age groups to treat their dandruff problem. Claiming it to be the number anti-dandruff shampoo, ‘Head & Shoulders’ sells 110 bottles every minute which accounts to 29 million a year. It like many others exploits the big market on fake promises.

Research says anti-dandruff shampoos contains strong, harsh ingredients which are likely to destroy the hair and in some cases people who don’t have a dandruff problem, started feeling irritation after its use.

When I asked some users about the usage of the shampoo, they did not appear satisfied with the products. A lady whom I met at a grocery store, who was selecting a shampoo from the wide variety said-“I once tried Head & Shoulders for a month and it was a terrible experience. My hair became rough after using it.”Another user, Manik too agreed with her saying-“I’m not sure why but I used a number anti-dandruff shampoos from various companies but after using them my head became extremely itchy. I tried them a few random times, over the year but each time my scalp turns really itchy.”

When I contacted a dermatologist, Dr. Vibha on this issue, she said-“Anti-dandruff shampoos work in the starting, but eventually the scalp is used to them, so it stops working. The worst part though is that they change the PH balance of the scalp and no other shampoo or Dandruff treatment will work in the future. So it’s better not to start using them at all.”

So, next time if you come across white flakes and experience itchy scalp, the better option will be to “use a natural treatment like rinsing the scalp with rosemary hair oil or Aloe Vera gel. Using coal- tar shampoo and anti-itch creams can also help sufferers in getting rid of dandruff. The more easy and accessible product is to mix few drops of lime juice to coconut oil and apply on the scalp an hour before washing off your hair but be aware of grabbing an anti-dandruff shampoo bottle because it may end up becoming the cause of many other problems later.


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