Heat-free hair styling

Every girl wants a smooth, shiny, sleek hair and a bad hair day is one of the wildest dreams which every woman avoids and to tackle with that we do all sorts of things right from styling to blow drying, in the process damaging our hair by the artificial heat.

It’s important to style but it’s also important to maintain the beauty of the very hair which we like to flaunt so that few years down the line we are not forced to use a wig in place of our natural hair or run for hair damage treatment.

So, here are a few heat-free tips that we ladies can use to style and dry our hairs on some days without being harsh on them.

  1. Air-dry hair:

Instead of using a dryer, we can dry our hair naturally by shaking our head up and down for few seconds after stepping out of the shower. If one can manage, the other way is to wash the hair at night and let it air dry over night but before sleeping wipe out the excess water with a towel.

  1. Combing


Most people comb their hair immediately after washing them which causes breakage.  Though comb shouldn’t be used right after the shower but if it is important a wide-toothed comb should be used for wet, curly hair and a wet brush should be used for straight hair.

  1. Wavy hair


Without the use of heat-gadgets, you can achieve that wavy look by using foam rollers. After towel drying your hair, use a leave-in conditioner and put foam rollers before sleeping. Cover the head with a smooth silk scarf and the next morning you can get natural waves.

Waves can also be created by braiding the wet hair and leaving it as such overnight. One can detangle the hair with the help of wet brush and use a leave-in conditioner before braiding it from mid-length to the end.

The third technique to achieve the wavy look requires the application of a little mousse over damp hair which should be massaged through the length, then the hair should be flipped upside-down and scrunched gradually. After it dries, the waves will automatically form.

Women also have a high liking for beach waves which have a soft look to them. To achieve this look you can use a leave-in conditioner or a curling mousse on wet hair. Part the hair into two sections from middle and roll each section into a twist, securing it with elastic at the end and pin it at the crown. Wear a hair net and let it dry naturally. Undo the twist the next morning to achieve the hair look of your choice.

  1. Straight hair


Most women prefer straight hair to waves or curls but it looks impossible to achieve that look without the use of straightening iron. But a little patience can be helpful for gaining heatless straight hairs.

In one such method, after you wash your hair with smoothening shampoo and conditioner apply an anti-frizz serum or coconut oil and run your fingers along the length. Then, apply some leave-in conditioner and make a deep side parting. Tie the hair on one side with rubber. Then comb the other side with a brush as flatly as you can, secure it with bobby pins and wrap the hair around the head. Repeat the process with the other sections of your hair till all your hair is wrapped around your head. Finally, you can cover your hair with a hair net while you sleep.

Women love their hair styling gadgets and you don’t need to ditch them all together but you can give them a break once a month and style them naturally. The results won’t be as fantastic as achieved from heat styling equipment but your hair’s health will surely improve.


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