Indian students with foreign degrees-Is it worth?

Studying abroad is no more a distant dream for a well-off middle-class student in today’s time. There are many educational loans and scholarship offers which help fulfill this dream of studying in a different country and environment and understand their culture yet many people pass through this dilemma at some point in their student life on whether to stay back in their native country and study or take the risk to experience what lies ahead across the borders.

While some are too clingy to leave their friends and family behind, others get lured by a foreign degree, global exposure, excellent research opportunities and the associated career benefits.

It is true that Indian market does not treat graduates from all the universities equally. While those selected few in the premier government institutes are the privileged ones to get high paying jobs, people not tagged with so affluent degrees lag behind. The private institutions in India have a high fee and capitation adds more to the woes which is why students find studying abroad a better career option which they can use to bag a good paying job in India or elsewhere.


Studying abroad not only helps in understanding their working but an individual also becomes more confident and mature which is a huge career benefit in long run.

Most of the students go abroad to do masters in a specific course or technical programme. While the most sought after options are like Cambridge and Oxford universities, it is not easy to get admitted to them. Considering the value of an international degree, students take admission in other good colleges which is easy as compared to getting admission in an Indian college. Mostly, students go to US and UK to seek higher education.

Once the students get admitted, they start dreaming of a better future with a lucrative job. However, they face the bitter reality during the placement process when the strict visa rules pose a hindrance in seeking a job after graduating.

UK’s strict student visa policy has already halved the enrollments in the country’s universities since 2011. As the nation does not permit international students to work following completion of studies, the graduates have to return home where too, they have to struggle with companies as a master’s degree from U.K. is not recognised by India due to which they also face a problem if they have to do PhD.

Similarly, Indian students hardly get a job from U.S. universities as they are not given preference due to lack of jobs in the nation. Now with Donald Trump’s victory, seeking a job in the U.S. has become all the more difficult as the president had already promised during his campaign to cut down jobs for outsiders in favour of Americans.

The high cost of living and backlash against the minorities have always been a factor of worry for both parents and children while planning to move abroad to study but even after going through the struggles, they have to settle for ordinary paying jobs from which they find it difficult to repay the loan.

However, countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other European nations are emerging as favoured educational destinations due to their student friendly norms.

If studying in any other country serves the purpose of all the painstaking of the process, then it is a worth option to explore a different culture and make friends from across countries while showing off that international degree back home.


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