Stop your ex from ruining your new relationship

I have most often seen people trying to move away completely from their last relationship. While, you may yourself have got over it, many times your partner does not get over you and tries to return in your life at an inappropriate time, probably even when you have found a new love or perhaps your soul mate.

Heartbreaks are terrible but even worse is when they stop you from moving on and become a hindrance in your next relationship. While your ex must not have got over you, he’ll try every means to come back in your life and ruin your relationship place. If this happens, act cautiously and follow these five steps from ruining your new relationship.

  1. Make the end of your relationship clear to your ex


It’s amazing how ex (es) always seem to find their way back into your life at the very moment when you’re most happy with someone else. It’s like they have a special radar which alerts them about the appropriate time. Well, make it clear to your ex that you are committed to someone else and there is no way they can creep back into your life. It’s better to hurt someone by straightforwardly saying things than putting a ‘soft pedal’ response and damaging your current relationship.

2. Let your partner know all about your past


Many people hide the existence of their exes from their current partners because they feel it would mar their relationship, however being honest about your past is the best you can do to avoid any problems in future. Your guy will respect you for your honesty. Going on with a relation built on lies will never stay long.

3. Don’t fall prey to threats


If your ex, threatens or blackmails you in any way because of any secret in your past relationship that only he may know and may misuse it against you, you need not fall prey to his intentions. You should definitely talk about it with your partner and find a solution. Never go out and secretly meet your ex to resolve issues without the knowledge of your partner.

4. Stop responding


While in many instances it is seen that exes become good friends later, but if you have a troublesome ex who has been refusing to behave and imposes his feelings over you, it is best to stop replying to his calls and texts. Let your man know about your actions and never clear the call logs and delete messages from your ex so that he doesn’t doubt you.

5. Control your feelings


If you find you are still having feelings for you ex, do sort it out before it meddles with your present relationship. You need to have a clear heart and mind before investing them in a new relation and for a man who is perhaps more deserving for you.

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