Baseless assumptions about single, independent women

Being self-sufficient and independent is a matter of pride. But, unfortunately, when it comes to single, independent women, the society makes many illogical assumptions about them and often does not see them in a good light. It is difficult for people to accept that the gen-next single and independent women can take on the world. So, here is a list of those familiar 10 assumptions about independent women that people make and it’s high time the society stops with these bullshits.

  1. Single independent women are snobbish


People think that just because single, independent women are confident and go-getters, they will necessarily be snobbish which is not true. They just give more priority to their career but they aren’t rude.

  1. They don’t want relationships

Self-reliant women are not commitment phobic or picky due to which they escape investing in a relationship. They are just waiting for that right person who understands them and their priorities because they know to live their life on their terms.

  1. Divorced, widow, separated or just abandoned?

If a girl is single and self-reliant, the society thinks that either she must be a divorcee, widow, separated or abandoned by her parents. And if none of the above fits in, then surely no guy must have asked her out coz well, a girl cannot feed and take care of herself.

  1. She goes around sleeping


Such women are slut-shamed and called names. People automatically assume that if girls who are single and earning their life themselves are open to the culture of hooking up and will go around sleeping in their free time, which is a big NO! They are living their life on their own terms are not desperate to get laid at every chance they get.

  1. Independent women make bad homemakers

One of the biggest misconceptions is that if they excel at work, they cannot manage the home. Actually, independent women make for best homemakers because they have the habit of managing things single- handedly. Moreover, self-reliant women are most familiar and easy to maintain a relationship because they know the value of time, freedom, space and communication.

  1. Anti-social beings

Independent women are also accused of being anti-social. People think they are unfriendly and reserved which may not always be true. Self-sustaining, single girls do mingle around with people and they do have a life other than their work where they love to unwind themselves.

7. Have a lonely life


There is a big difference between being ‘lonely’ and living ‘alone’ but most people fail to understand this difference. One is alone by choice because perhaps they like to live like that; independent, free by themselves. This necessarily doesn’t mean that they are lonely.

  1. They don’t want to be taken care of

Yes, independent women are supremely strong to handle their highs and lows all by them but that doesn’t counter the fact that they don’t want some pampering if offered. Every human, whether independent or not needs feeling loved every now and then.

  1. Maybe she is a feminist that’s why she isn’t dating

Half of our nation doesn’t know what exactly feminism is. She can be a feminist and there’s nothing wrong in asking for equal rights but thinking that she’ll marry due to her views is wrong.

10. They don’t care about what others think


While it’s true that no one should care what others do think but the fact is that everyone does, even a single, independent women, at least for a while. We are humans and we’re programmed to feel so but she doesn’t let the thoughts of society cripple her.

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