BMC to see fresh allies?

Corporation elections of 2017 have been discussed no less than state polls, mainly because of the disruption between the alliance parties BJP and Shiv Sena and their impact on other parties.

While the regional Shiv Sena won 84 seats in Mumbai’s municipal corporation, the ruling BJP did not lag behind with 81 seats. However, both the parties need to reach the mark of 114 to prove a majority and so, the Shiv Sena has started back-channel talks with Congress party, who bagged 31 seats, to checkmate BJP in the race for control over the country’s richest civic body.

The Congress high command, however, ruled out propping up the Shiv Sena for the Mumbai mayor’s post.

While the decision may be in the political interest of the sinking ship, Congress and Shiv Sena to maintain its power, the alliance pay prove disastrous in the long run because of the ideological difference between the two parties.

If the Congress joins hands with Sena, its secular image may be tainted and if Sena does so, its loyal voters may have a setback. The non-traditional alliance between Congress and Sena may upset the traditional and committed voters of both the parties.

Congress is also in alliance with Samajwadi Party for UP Elections and if the grand old party joins hands with Sena, it can have a negative impact in the leftover phases of UP elections.
Congress is getting wiped out slowly from every state but the alliance could be an opportunity for it to re-emerge but by shredding its secular ideals.

When parties deviate from ideologies, they lose a great deal to it. If the alliance does not work out, the next elections may see Sena wiped out from Maharashtra as well.

The vote percentage has indicated that the public wants both Sena and BJP to rule Mumbai’s municipal like the last two decades so the best decision for like-minded parties will be to come together again for their own interest.

And who knows if that may be a political strategy? After all, the differences haven’t risen till the extent of Sena withdrawing its support from the state government.

For the moment, the BP has been keeping mum and keeps its cards close to the chest. However, it has refused of any possible alliance with Congress or Sena.

This Mayor’s elections, not only Maharashtra but entire India will be waiting for the results.

It’ll be interesting to see if a new alliance forms in Mumbai’s municipal corporation or the old allies continue to rule the corporation.

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